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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

About #ATAGTR2023

8th Edition of Global Testing Retreat by Agile Testing Alliance Welcome aboard! You've just arrived in the exhilarating world of the Global Testing Retreat (GTR or ATAGTR), where Software Testing and Technology are not just our profession, but also our passion, playground, and purpose. ATAGTR is more than just a conference. Consider it a vibrant, pulsating globe that attracts minds captivated by the intricate art and precise science of software testing. We bring together code warriors, quality guardians, and test automation pioneers from all over the world.

With ATAGTR, you’re entering a living, breathing ecosystem teeming with ideas, innovation, and insights. Curiosity grows into towering trees of knowledge here, nourished by the luminous sunshine of latest trends and watered by insightful showers of best practises.

Our community is our source of strength. We are a motley crew of software testing wizards, code-writing witches, and quality assurance elves, each bringing our own set of spells to the table. Lifelong connections are formed and brilliant ideas are born in this magical concoction of skills and experiences.

Our enchanting speakers, revered gurus of their craft, will take you on an invigorating journey, challenging your perspectives, fuelling your creativity, and awakening the pioneering spirit within you.

Our workshops and interactive sessions is more than just a learning experience; it’s also an adventure. They’ll sweep you off your feet and immerse you in hands-on experiences, leaving you with an arsenal of new skills and innovative approaches.

ATAGTR has a questline for you, whether you’re a grizzled veteran of the testing terrain or a new explorer just starting out. Join our ranks to gain new levels of knowledge and become an active architect of the exciting future of software testing!

So, are you ready to ride the dragon of quality assurance, decipher the arcane scripts of test automation, and explore the uncharted territories of software testing? Because at GTR, we’re not just writing codes; we’re creating the digital tapestry of tomorrow.

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