Abstract Submissions

Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

Sr. No.NameOrganizationTopicAuthorCo-AuthorStatus
1Sri HarshaEPAM SystemWebDriver BiDi: Revolutionising Cross-Browser AutomationSelected for Round 2
2Geosley AndradesACCELQChat GPT Unlocked: Igniting a Testing RenaissanceSelected for Round 2
3Ashok Kumar STransunionTest Data the key to robust test coverageSelected for Round 2
4Ashok Kumar STransunionBreak Silos, Build ChaptersSelected for Round 2
5Avik Chatterji, Prabhuraj JagarajCognizant Technology solutions LtdDriving Digital Transformation with Observability and Open Source Tools in Microservices EnvironmentsSelected for Round 2
6Deepak BhattNagarroDeepfake Technology: Advancements, Challenges, and Ethical ImplicationsSelected for Round 2
7Monish CorreiaHDFCLifeUnleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made EasySelected for Round 2
8Ponraman RajamanickamCognizant Technology solutions LtdQE-UAT Synergy bringin EfficiencySelected for Round 2
9Varun JainCognizant Technology solutions LtdConversational AI in generating Test Data for Insurance Product TestingSelected for Round 2
10Swagata Chatterjee, Harpreet Kaur KahaiCapgemini Technology Services India LtdInteractive Voice Response (IVR) Performance Testing using Open Source ToolSelected for Round 2
11Prashant MohapatraShine Solutions GroupLeveraging the AWS TypeScript SDK, Jest and Allure for Cloud Infrastructure TestingSelected for Round 2
12Ankit SinghVMWareFrom Surface to Dark WebSelected for Round 2
13Craig RisiAccentureHow to Create Testable User StoriesSelected for Round 2
14Craig RisiAccentureHow to become an opensourcererSelected for Round 2
15Siddhant WadhwaniNewfold DigitalEmpowering DevTestOps with AI: Accelerating Software Delivery and Enhancing QualitySelected for Round 2
16Mayank BansalSelfSuccess by the Numbers: A Deep Dive into Absolute and Derived ROI MetricsSelected for Round 2
17Mangesh BopcheCognizant Technology solutions LtdComputer System Validation – Evolution towards “Critical Thinking” and “Digitalization”Selected for Round 2
18Saby Saurabh BhardwajLarge US based Custody BankRedefine Quality Assurance – Journey from Centralized to Decentralized, Distributed Blockchain/Web3 testingSelected for Round 2
19Venkatachalam AthiseshanCognizant Technology solutions LtdParallel Testing on Legacy Platforms using modernized data methodology and open-source automation capabilitiesSelected for Round 2
20Pradipta Biswas, Sucheta ChitaleCapgemini Technology Services India LtdNavigating the IoT Performance Testing LandscapeSelected for Round 2
21Vikas MittalXebiaTest Automation we all want to achieve, Test Automation we finally getSelected for Round 2
22Mesut DurukalIndeedHow to boost Test Implementation Speed by 10x?Selected for Round 2
23Mesut DurukalIndeedWhy Quality Assurance is the Best Development Skill?Selected for Round 2
24Prassanth ArumugamCognizant Technology solutions LtdAI-Driven Test ModelingSelected for Round 2
25FlorenceCognizant Technology solutions LtdUnleash testing skills in GamificationSelected for Round 2
26Ruba RoshenCognizant Technology solutions LtdVisualization-Driven Automation : Enhancing Efficiency through Proactive Batch Performance MonitoringSelected for Round 2
27Nethaji Thadagam Somappa SubbaiyanCognizant Technology solutions LtdCloud enabled Automation Framework on DevSecOps environmentSelected for Round 2
28Pawan KumarKongsberg DigitalIntegrating modules in Playwright for streamlined automated test management.Selected for Round 2
29Dinesh BoravkeCognizant Technology solutions LtdZero Defects – Myth or RealitySelected for Round 2
30Toni RamchandaniAn Investment Research FirmAutomated Testing of Databricks PySpark Notebooks inside Notebooks contextSelected for Round 2
31Vivek Patle, Jahnavi UmarjiEpsilonEmpowering Functional Testing with Support Vector Machines: An Experimental JourneySelected for Round 2
32Kavin Arvind RagavanCognizant Technology solutions LtdLeveraging OpenAI and AWS Lambda for Automated Performance AnalysisSelected for Round 2
33Kavin Arvind RagavanCognizant Technology solutions LtdCloud Chaos Testing with AWS FIS and AWS DLTSelected for Round 2
34Sujeet Kumar MauryaCognizant Technology solutions LtdPerformance engineering with AI/MLSelected for Round 2
35Chirag Bhatia,Anit GhatakCognizant Technology solutions LtdAI based approach to Chaos EngineeringSelected for Round 2
36Deepak KoulRed HatThe Ultimate Guide to Handling Authentication in E2E tests using PlaywrightSelected for Round 2
37Anik DasCognizant Technology solutions LtdBlockchain – Now & Tomorrow, Beyond the Crypto’s – A Non-Functional QEA POVSelected for Round 2
38Durga Prasad VaviletiCognizant Technology solutions LtdImplementation of Data Retention Policy and Data Archiving Solution in Development and Test EnvironmentsSelected for Round 2
39Chandan SharmaCognizant Technology solutions LtdTransforming Accessibility Testing of Native Mobile App with AI AutomationSelected for Round 2
40Nitin JainDeutsche BankBig Data Testing in Hadoop ClusterSelected for Round 2
41Arnab Majumdar, Lavanya KalaiselvanCognizant Technology solutions LtdAI powered NFT testing of cloud platformsSelected for Round 2
42Mayank Kumar, Jai SinghCognizant Technology solutions LtdTest Case Generation with Knowledge graphs and LLMs using Tree of Thought frameworkSelected for Round 2
43Bhavani Sruti SomarajuMoolya Software Testing Pvt LtdLight flashing by LighthouseSelected for Round 2
44Gandharv MadanAlgoworksThe Three Different Shades of Testing In Salesforce Ecosystem – Good, Bad and Ugly.Selected for Round 2
45Apoorva RamQapitol QAThe Art of Storytelling for TestersSelected for Round 2
46Jaydip Saha, Prabakaran DCognizant Technology solutions LtdCloud Based Test Automation Architecture – An Enhanced Way To Test Event Driven Cloud Native solutionSelected for Round 2
47Akanksha SuneriInfoVisionThe Power of Automated Visual Testing: Ensuring Flawless User ExperiencesSelected for Round 2
48Jaydip Saha, Prabakaran DCognizant Technology solutions LtdContract Test Automation Architecture – A Solution To Validate Business Contracts through CI/CD pipelineSelected for Round 2
49Aniket Diwakar Kadukar, Padimiti Vaidik Eswar DattaCognizant Technology solutions LtdA HOLISTIC TESTING METHODOLOGY FOR IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES IN AR, VR, AND THE METAVERSESelected for Round 2
50Abhijeet RoyCognizant Technology solutions LtdServiceability of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Quality EngineeringSelected for Round 2
51SibiKrishna SCognizant Technology solutions LtdGamification in TestingSelected for Round 2
52Sravan Kumar PallapothuCognizant Technology solutions LtdImplementation of Chaos Experiments – a pocket friendly and simple waySelected for Round 2
53Dineshrobinson Arokiaraj, Gopi ArumugamCognizant Technology solutions LtdQE in SAFe Agile and Continuous Delivery PipelineSelected for Round 2
54Anupama Purushothaman, Sreenidhi RajeshkumarQuinbay TechnologiesBeyond the Script: Unleashing the Potential of Exploratory Testing in Modern QA StrategiesSelected for Round 2
55Pemmaraju Maitreya, Yogesh Shashikant ShindeCognizant Technology solutions LtdKnow it all CBot – One stop project buddySelected for Round 2
56Ebin.I, Narmatha KCognizant Technology solutions LtdOne Shot Learning using Natural Language ProcessorSelected for Round 2
57Chidambaram Vetrivel, Venkatesh BeldeDentsu World ServicesRevolutionizing Security Testing with AISelected for Round 2
58Chidambaram Vetrivel, Venkatesh BeldeDentsu World ServicesAgility on Back-end Performance Testing with Continuous Integration pipelineSelected for Round 2
59Anindita Rath, Mahathee DandibhotlaIBMFrom Good to Great: Enhancing Testability in Software TestingSelected for Round 2
60Indrita Chakraborty, Sudipta BhuniaCognizant Technology solutions LtdModern UI automation testing approachSelected for Round 2
61Feroze Mohamed, Keerthana SelvarajCognizant Technology solutions LtdTowards Inclusive Virtual Realms: An All-Encompassing Method for Conducting Accessibility Testing in the MetaverseSelected for Round 2
62Nishant Godbole, Bhushan SpareMarsh McLennanInnovative Design Patterns for Automation Regression Testing: Pioneering a New Era of Efficiency and ReliabilitySelected for Round 2
63Sindhu Vinayagamoorthy , Barathi Chellappan SubramaniamCognizant Technology solutions LtdAccelerated accessibility compliance using Generative AI automation approachSelected for Round 2
64Meena M, Pradeepa P.SCognizant Technology solutions LtdAutomated Robotic Performance Testing PlatformSelected for Round 2
65Hina Sharma, Mamatha VenkateshIBMSecret Sauce for Sustainable Test Automation FrameworkSelected for Round 2
66Jaisudhan SelvarajCognizant Technology solutions LtdNon Functional Engineering & Observability of Azure Conversational Banking Private Virtual Agent & Its Microservicses in DevOpsSelected for Round 2
67Vimal R S, Vishal Raj ACognizant Technology solutions LtdWeb 3.0 New Accessibility RequirementsSelected for Round 2
68Sarath Nagarajan, Saranya DeviCognizant Technology solutions LtdDynamic Test Case generator for Automation using Artificial IntelligenceSelected for Round 2
69Arif Shaik, Adil Iqbal KhanVOISTest Maturity through Agile and DevOps best testing techniques.Selected for Round 2
70Arun Kumar Dhakshinamoorthy, Lavanya KalaiselvanCognizant Technology solutions LtdDeep learning-integrated interactive chatbot for Incident analysisSelected for Round 2
71Sudhakar Murugesan DevendiranCognizant Technology solutions LtdMitigating Data Breach Risks: Fortifying Data Loss Policies in Server MigrationSelected for Round 2
72Soubhik ChakrabortyCognizant Technology solutions LtdHarnessing AI for Leveraging Intelligent Automation for Progressive Performance testingSelected for Round 2
73Balaji BalakrishnanCognizant Technology solutions LtdEnhance Customer Experience using AI – Staying one step ahead by being smarterSelected for Round 2
74Shailendra T Bodade, Vikram Gulabarao PhatangareIntelliswiftUnleashing power of Shift Left with NFR DashboardsSelected for Round 2
75Sudish Unnikrishnan, Pavithra VelusamyCognizant Technology solutions LtdPerformance Testing Demystified: Proven Strategies for MS DynamicsSelected for Round 2
76Ritabrata SenguptaCognizant Technology solutions LtdExploring the Potential of Generative AI for Automated Testing in CRM SystemsSelected for Round 2
77Pavithra Velusamy, Jeevitha VelavendanCognizant Technology solutions LtdUnlocking the Potential of SAP Core Systems through Continuous Performance TestingSelected for Round 2
78Jagadish Kumar VakaCognizant Technology solutions LtdPerformance testing of Java thick client applications using Robotic FrameworkSelected for Round 2
79Bhavani Sruti SomarajuMoolya Software Testing Pvt LtdEnhancing Bug Triage with Machine Learning: Unleashing the Power of AI in Software TestingSelected for Round 2
80Sumit MundhadaVOISObservability in Software TestingSelected for Round 2
81Monil ThakkerMarsh McLennanAutomation object repository using a Web Crawler & Dynamic comparison of objects against baselineSelected for Round 2
82Nikhil JainMarsh McLennanCatch All Mail With GraphSelected for Round 2
83Kirti Ranjan SatapathyKongsberg DigitalElements of Quality Engineering in remote IIoT SystemSelected for Round 2
84Bharath Kumar HemachandranThoughtworksPractical Applications of Generative AI in QA: Ideate, Automate, Analyze, and PersonalizeSelected for Round 2
85Ashwini LalitNimbleWorkRRR of Test Automation MaintenanceSelected for Round 2
86Rajat Kaushik, Sumit BhatnagarMarsh McLennanMessaging in Test Automation FrameworksSelected for Round 2
87Balaji KumarCognizant Technology solutions LtdImplementing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principlesSelected for Round 2
88Pavan Kumar Kuppili, Prital DesaiCapgemini Technology Services India LtdAI-Driven Application Scaling & Performance EnhancementSelected for Round 2
89Kushan Shalindra AmarasiriCodehouse (Pvt) LtdTesting Out of The Box with Exploratory Test ToolsSelected for Round 2
90Abdulla Syed MohamedCognizant Technology solutions LtdPerformance Testing with AI, Machine Learning and Data ScienceSelected for Round 2
91Akshay YelsangeVOISOggyBug A Test Automation Tool in ChatbotsSelected for Round 2
92Snehal GajiVOISMDD4REST: Model-Driven Methodology for Developing RESTful Web ServicesSelected for Round 2
93Kushan Shalindra AmarasiriCodehouse (Pvt) LtdMaking your Selenium Test Self Heal with HealeniumSelected for Round 2
94Apeksha BharsakleVOISStreamlining Automation Testing through AI and MLSelected for Round 2
95Shantanu Gupta, Sonal LanjekarVOISMetaverse – The next chapter of the InternetSelected for Round 2
96Bhushan Ramesh PawarVOISRobot process automation (RPA) to Intelligent process automation (AI)Selected for Round 2
97Abdelrahman AlhajVOISAutomated IoT Testing Framework Using Machine LearningSelected for Round 2
98Mayank rajVOISAI in Automation Testing: – Functions and BenefitsSelected for Round 2
99Mayank PatilVOISThe importance of testing in the early stages of smart contract development life cycleSelected for Round 2
100Krithi Shetty, Hensi ThakkarVOISDNA: The Ultimate Data Storage SolutionSelected for Round 2
101Srithanga Aishvarya TCognizant Technology solutions Ltd Machine Learning Model to automate performance test script development using JMeterSelected for Round 2
102Sudhir Upadhyay, Ashish KumarVOISStrengthening Testing Oversight Using Environment Automation Selected for Round 2
103Irshad Hasmuddin Patel, Vishnu N CNetcrackerGamification in TestingSelected for Round 2
104Ankur rastogi, Tapash RoyVOISEmbracing technical agility & Future Tech for BIG DATA Selected for Round 2
105Vivek PatleEpsilonDesign Thinking Integration: A Holistic Approach to Big Data Testing with White-Box, Black-Box, Data Automation, and Integration TestingSelected for Round 2
106Priyanka Wadkar, Ashish JaiswalVOISArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Working Ethics and cultural transformation in Performance Testing and EngineeringSelected for Round 2
107Soham JoshiVOISChallenges & Opportunities In Low-Code TestingSelected for Round 2
108Seema KohliIBMTest Leadership in the Era of Artificial IntelligenceSelected for Round 2
109Sanket MaliBrowserstackUnlocking Real-Time Test Monitoring and VisualizationsSelected for Round 2
110Bairagi Muduli, Subhendra Mohan PatnaikSelf/mPokketPerformance Testing with PostmanSelected for Round 2
111Apoorva Ram, Mahathee DandibhotlaQapitol QA/ Persistent SystemsTesting Tours – Structured Approach to Exploratory TestingSelected for Round 2
112Jishnu Nambiar, Mayur OvhalNimbleworkMonitoring Web Performance: Leveraging Grafana and Selenium for Real-Time Issue AlertsSelected for Round 2
113SatParkash MauryaVOISHyperautomation in Testing- Elevating Software Quality and DeliverySelected for Round 2
114Kushan Shalindra AmarasiriCodehouse (Pvt) LtdQR Code Validation Made Easy with new QR Code ValidatorSelected for Round 2
115Apoorva Ram, Mahathee DandibhotlaQapitol QA/ Persistent SystemsThe Art of Storytelling: Elevating Testing NarrativesSelected for Round 2
116SatParkash MauryaVOISMetrics and Reporting in Testing: Illuminating Quality Assurance with Data-Driven InsightsSelected for Round 2
117Loganathan EkambaramCognizant Technology solutions LtdEarly Performance & Chaos Testing for Microservice Based Application on OpenShift OrchestrationSelected for Round 2
118Sayan Deb KunduTelstraTesting Gen AI ApplicationsSelected for Round 2
119Rajesh KumarCognizant Technology solutions LtdData Integrity Validation Under Load for GuideWire Systems Selected for Round 2

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