Why #ATAGTR2023

Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

#ATAGTR2023 is offering great learning opportunities. This year’s schedule is now out.

Key Highlights

  • 50 plus sessions (Keynotes, Workshops, Panel discussions)
  • 10 Keynotes (Virtual and Physical)
  • 10 Hands on Labs
  • 30+ Interactive Sessions
  • 70+ Speakers
  • Leadership Award Ceremony

All the conference session details are shown below.

Session Details

Sr. No.Session TopicSpeaker(s) NameCategoryVideo Interview
1High Speed Low Drag – AI Infused Quality Engineering JourneyChaitali Lambat and Suneeta PalandeKeynote SessionYouTube Icon
2The Ultimate Guide to Handling Authentication in E2E tests using PlaywrightDeepak KoulWorkshop
(45 mins)
3Leveraging OpenAI and AWS Lambda for Automated Performance AnalysisKavin Arvind RagavanWorkshop
(60 mins)
YouTube Icon
4Automated Testing of Databricks PySpark Notebooks Inside Notebooks contextToni RamchandaniWorkshop
(60 mins)
YouTube Icon
5Innovation Inspired Automation – Productivity Booster Workshop!Sanjay KumarWorkshop
(90 mins)
6Implementation of Chaos Experiments – a pocket friendly and simple waySravan Kumar PallapothuWorkshop
(90 mins)
YouTube Icon
7Guiding the Generative AI Odyssey: Navigating with Agile Principles and ValuesAshish MishraKeynote Session
8In AI We Trust, or Not: Navigating between reliance and distrust in the TestingBrijesh DebKeynote SessionYouTube Icon
9Let’s Explore Testing with Exploratory Test ToolsKushan AmarasiriWorkshop
(45 mins)
YouTube Icon
10Unleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made EasyMonish CorreiaWorkshop
(60 mins)
YouTube Icon
11Performance Testing with PostmanBairagi Muduli and Subhendra Mohan PatnaikWorkshop
(60 mins)
YouTube Icon
12Practical Applications of Generative AI in QA: Ideate, Automate, Analyze, and PersonalizeBharath Kumar HemachandranWorkshop
(90 mins)
YouTube Icon
13Testing Tours – Structured Approach to Exploratory TestingApoorva Ram and Mahathee DandibhotlaWorkshop
(90 mins)
YouTube Icon
14.Growth Driven TestingPradeep SoundararajanKeynote Session
15.Panel Discussion – CafeATAhon Anuja Saraf, Parinita Patankar , Ritu Chowdhar,
Prachi Dahibhate,  Deepthi K
16.Test Automation we all dream to achieve, test automation we finally are able to doVikas MittalInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
17.Building QA Leadership in a Start-up worldParish SharmaInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
18. Chat GPT Unlocked: Igniting a Testing RenaissanceGeosley AndradesInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
19.Where are the real testers in the age of AI?Ajay BalamurugadasInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
20.Zero Defects – Myth or RealityDinesh BoravkeInteractive Talk
21.From Surface to Dark WebAnkit SinghInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
22.Empowering DevTestOps with AI: Accelerating Software Delivery and Enhancing QualitySiddhant WadhwaniInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
23.Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Performance Testing using Open Source ToolSwagata Chatterjee and Harpreet Kaur KahaiInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
24.Empowering Functional Testing with Support Vector Machines: An Experimental JourneyVivek Patle and Jahnavi UmarjiInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
25.Performance Engineering with AI/MLSujeet Kumar MauryaInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
26.The Three Different Shades of Testing In Salesforce Ecosystem – Good, Bad and Ugly.Gandharv MadanInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
27.Contract Test Automation Architecture – A Solution To Validate Business Contracts through CI/CD pipelineJaydip Saha and Prabakaran DInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
28.A Holistic Testing Methodology for Immersive Experience in AR, VR, and the MetaverseAniket Diwakar Kadukar and Padimiti Vaidik Eswar DattaInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
29.Secret Sauce for Sustainable Test Automation FrameworkHina Sharma and Mamatha VenkateshInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
30. From Good to Great: Enhancing Testability in Software TestingAnindita Rath and Mahathee DandibhotlaInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
31.Observability in Software TestingSumit MundhadaInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
32.Revolutionizing Security Testing with AIChidambaram Vetrivel and Venkatesh BeldeInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
33.Code Quality to Quality of LifeAshutosh BhatnagarKeynote SessionYouTube Icon
34.TBASchalk CronjéKeynote Session
35Leadership Panel Discussion Khimanand Upreti, Rajiv Bajwala, Kaushal Shah
Rituraj Patil
36.Redefine Quality Assurance – Journey from Centralized to Decentralized, Distributed Blockchain/Web3 testingSaby Saurabh BhardwajInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
37.Machine Learning Model to automate performance test script development using JmeterSrithanga Aishvarya TInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
38.RRR of Test Automation MaintenanceAshwini LalitInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
39.Test Leadership in the Era of Artificial IntelligenceSeema KohliInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
40.Monitoring Web Performance: Leveraging Grafana and Selenium for Real-Time Issue AlertsJishnu Nambiar and Mayur OvhalInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
41.Hyperautomation in Testing- Elevating Software Quality and DeliverySatParkash MauryaInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
42.Testing Gen AI ApplicationsSayan Deb KunduInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
43.Test Data the key to robust test coverageAshok Kumar SInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
44.Strengthening Testing Oversight Using Environment Automation Sudhir Upadhyay and Ashish KumarInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
45.Catch All Mail With GraphNikhil JainInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
46.Elements of Quality Engineering in remote IIoT SystemKirti Ranjan Satapathy, and Nandini KInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
47.The Art of Storytelling for TestersApoorva RamInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
48.Navigating the IoT Performance Testing LandscapePradipta Biswas and Sucheta Saurabh ChitaleInteractive TalkYouTube Icon
49.Productivity, Test Effectiveness and Test Efficiency Metrics and KPIs for QA ProfessionalsRuslan DesyatnikovKeynote Session
50.API Connect: Empowering Automation, Safeguarding Security, and Optimizing CI/CD Yagneshkumar R and K. R. Akhil Interactive TalkYouTube Icon
51. Building Fortresses – Crafting a Resilient DevSecOps Ecosystem Vaibhav Akole and Swapnil Milind KulkarniInteractive TalkYouTube Icon

Here’s the first reason to attend Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2023 After 3 years, GTR is back in “Physical mode” happening in Pune on 8th and 9th December 2023. Explore the cultural and historic places of Pune, Maharashtra along with attending the conference.

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