Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

Thank you to everyone who showed their creativity and enthusiasm in the SelQurATAhon competition for #ATAGTR2023. Although the submission deadline has passed, we invite you to be part of the 8th edition of Asia’s Largest Testing Conference, the Global Testing Retreat.  Join Us


Competition start date: 11 September 2023
Last date to submit questions: 2 November 2023
Winners Announcement: 20 November 2023 (or earlier)

Below are the names and photographs of winners .

Preeti Varshney

Sr. Test Manager


Rohit Mehta

Practice Head - Quality and Automation Testing
Pratham Software (PSI)

1st Runner Up

Puneet Verma

Manager - Software Engineering

2nd Runner up

Mudit Maheshwari

Sr. Software Quality Engineerr
Red Hat

3rd Runner Up

Ravi Kumar

Test Lead

4th Runner Up


  1. You have to submit a minimum of 10 questions, as per the template provided. You can use image or text based questions.
  2. Mark your questions as simple, medium, complex.
  3. All the 10 questions should be related to a single technology/language stream – from any of the three JAVA, C# or Python
  4. If the questions are inspired from some other website, you have to give the reference (if proper reference is not given and the questions seemed to be copied from somewhere, your entry would get disqualified)
  5. You have to choose a category for the questions 
    1. Selenium IDE
    2. Selenium WebDriver (POM, Data Driven Testing, Action class, Select, Handling Alert / Popus .. any area)
    3. Selenium Grid
    4. Unit Test Framework(s) (TestNG, PyUnit, NUnit, JUnit)
    5. Selenium 4.x (new features)
    6. Xpath / CSS locators
    7. Others (Should be related to Selenium Eco System) – e.g Cucumber, Jenkins, Docker, GIT
  6. You can submit more than one entry (none of your questions should be same). One person can submit not more than 5 entries.
  7. Questions submitted may be used by Agile Testing Alliance for creation of quiz or other competitions.

What will you get

  1. All valid submissions will be given a certificate of participation
  2. Each valid submission will garner 100 Points on leaderboard 
  3. All entries name, organization name will be shown on the competition #ATAGTR2023 website 
  4. Top 5 submissions (best group of questions) will win 1000 INR Amazon Voucher 
  5. Top 5 winners will get 1000 Leaderboard points each for their organization 
  6. All Winners photos will be showcased on #ATAGTR2023 website 
  7. Winning entries will also be given winning certificates
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