#ATAGTR2023 Virtual Conference Days Videos

Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

Beyond Limits: Scaling Productivity for Business Transformation by Priya Tondon

Productivity, Test Effectiveness and Test Efficiency Metrics and KPIs for QA Professionals by Ruslan Desyatnikov

Guiding the Generative AI Odyssey: Navigating with Agile Principles and Values by Ashish Mishra

In AI We Trust, or Not: Navigating between reliance and distrust in the Testing by Brijesh Deb

High Speed Low Drag – AI Infused Quality Engineering Journey by Chaitali Lambat and Suneeta Palande

Lab Sessions

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Authentication in E2E tests using Playwright by Deepak Koul

Automation for Flutter based Mobile Apps using Maestro by Subhash Kotra

Implementation of Chaos Experiments – a pocket friendly and simple way by Sravan Kumar Pallapothu

Leveraging OpenAI and AWS Lambda for Automated Performance Analysis by Kavin Arvind Ragavan

Automated Testing of Databricks PySpark Notebooks inside Notebooks context by Toni Ramchandani

Let’s Explore Testing with Exploratory Test Tools by Kushan Amarasiri

Unleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made Easy by Monish Correia

Performance Testing with Postman by Bairagi Muduli and Subhendra Mohan Patnaik

Practical Applications of Generative AI in QA: Ideate, Automate, Analyze, and Personalize by Bharath Kumar Hemachandran

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